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The Ultimate Guide to Tantric Sex

The Ultimate Guide to Tantric Sex

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Tantra is a vital path toward full interior development through sex, love, and meditation. Its origin dates back to ancestral India, and from there has enlightened many generations of lovers who have penetrated the secret that leads to ultimate happiness. The practice of Tantra heightens the energy and creativity levels, in addition to reinforcing the partners' connection. It is an integral method that permits the growth of the participants in all aspects of their personality: sexuality, intuition, spirituality, and more. Through the words of Guillermo Ferrara, whose teachings on Tantra are known worldwide, the step-by-step exercises and photographs come to life. The Ultimate Guide to Tantric Sex contains, amongst other themes: ? Introduction to Tantra and the energies of love,? Seduction and sensuality,? Yoga for lovers,? Sensitive touch and sensual massages,? Secret erotic points,? Sexual magic, rituals, symbols, and dances,? Advanced sexual poses,? Tantric exercises for couples,? How to achieve a multiple orgasm,? Prolonging pleasure. 232 Pages Published : August 18, 2015
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