Jockstrap FAQ

What is a Jockstrap?

A jockstrap is a type of underwear typically worn by athletes. It is designed to support the genitals and minimize chafing during physical activity. Jockstraps are available in a variety of colors and styles, and can even be worn as a fashion statement.

What’s the Difference Between a Jockstrap and a Pair of Briefs?


A jockstrap is similar to a pair of briefs in that it has a pouch in the front to provide support. However, where a jockstrap differs from briefs is that it lacks fabric on the back and instead has two elastic bands that start at the sides and connect at the bottom of the pouch. This design provides more support than traditional briefs and can help prevent chafing during strenuous activity. The jockstraps we sell have innovative designs to keep your package firmly in place, no matter how much you move around.

When Should a Jockstrap Be Worn?

Jockstraps are the perfect choice for anyone who wants support and breathability throughout the day. They were originally designed for cyclists in the 19th century, but don't worry if you're not athletic - jockstraps can be worn by anyone, regardless of activity level. If you are active, a jockstrap will be an ideal choice for leg day at the gym. The lack of fabric on the backside allows your legs and glutes to move freely while you squat, while still providing adequate support in the front with its pouch. 

Do Jockstraps Offer Enough Support?

Jockstraps are the perfect choice for any man who wants both comfort and support throughout the day. With a snug fit and minimal coverage, jockstraps provide everything you need to feel confident and secure no matter what the day throws your way. Whether you're hitting the gym or simply running errands, jockstraps will keep you feeling comfortable and supported all day long.

Are Jockstraps Comfortable?

Jockstraps are usually made from a mix of cotton and Lycra or spandex for stretchability and comfort. They typically have a waistband that rests on the hips, as well as thigh straps that attach to the bottom of the waistband in order to provide extra support. While they may take some getting used to, once you slip on a pair of our high-quality jockstraps, you'll forget you're even wearing underwear. With a snug fit, soft fabric, and plush waistband, our jockstraps will make you feel comfortable and supported all day long.

How Do Jockstraps Look?

In recent years, jockstraps have become increasingly popular among men for their practical uses in the gym or on the playing field, as well as for the comfort and sex appeal they provide. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or just hooking up with someone, your partner is sure to appreciate seeing you in your best light – and what better way to do that than by showing off your assets in a stylish jockstrap?

Sex Toy FAQ

What are the Safest Materials of Construction for Sex Toys?

Stainless Steel and Glass are very inert and compatible with the human body.  Medical Grade Silicone is also very good.  At Jacquestrap, we include the materials of construction as #hashtags and in the product descriptions.  Try searching our site for "Stainless Steel Dildo", as an example.  We carry a great collection of Stainless Steel Dildos by Le Wand and feature Glass by Glas.

What are the Most Realistic Dildos?

Dual Density Silicone is a key design feature for sex toys that feel like real penises -- a firm core, surrounded by a softer shell gives the hard feeling of a strong erection and the realistic feeling of soft skin.  The Naked Addiction 8 Inch Dual Density has been reviewed as the most realistic, and the Blush Neo Elite Series provides a very affordable but also realistic option.  You can Search 'Realistic Dildo' on our site for all of our options.

Why does my Stainless Steel Dildo Feel so Cold?

Any metal dildo has a high heat capacity and conductivity, so it will quickly absorb or release heat to anything it contacts.  Try immersing your toy in warm water before use.  And despite the anticipation, try to be patient while it takes some time to warm! 

What are some Ways to Use a Suction Cup Dildo?

The suction cup will work most effectively on solid, smooth, non-porous surfaces.  Ceramic floor or bath tiles, and lacquered wood all work -- anything smooth that can take the weight and force of your fun!  In the shower and on the floor are great places to start.  If you'd like to put on a show through glass doors or other furniture, be sure it's designed to handle the action!

Adult Entertainer FAQ

How do I Sell my Used Panties Online?

At JacqueStrap we have a Consignment business model that can facilitate this for you.  Essentially, we agree upon pricing, you mail us a bulk inventory of items you’d like to sell, and then we set up a custom model landing page for you.  Your page will feature several benefits:  the images and listings of the items you have for sale, a wish list of other items from our store for your fans to buy you, and links to your social media and other pages.

There are a few restrictions we need to make you aware of.  No vials or containers of bodily fluids can be sold.  No fully nude images are allowed on any of our pages.  Nipples and genitals may not be visible.  If you’d like your own model page on our site, please use the contact form and begin your message with “Model Page Wanted”.

How do I Increase my Fan Base as a Cam Model?

 Entire articles have been created around this, but our answer is focused on what we can do for you.  Back-linking is one of the best ways to become more prominent online.  If you are a cam model or other adult entertainer with an online presence to grow, we want to trade links with you.  We will create a dedicated model page for you that features a wish list, images, and links to your social media and other pages.  We'd then encourage you to link or send fans to your wish list at JacqueStrap.com.